Blueprint4 is 10 years old!

At Blueprint4, we serve to fill a gap, helping to connect families to the out-of-school programming kids need to thrive. For 10 years, our search site has offered a fast, free and easy way to find after school, school break, college prep and summer break programs across the STL region.

We invite the St. Louis community to join us in the next 10 years of this mission. Together, we can maximize our impact for our community’s youth by providing them access to the opportunities they need to thrive.

10 Years of Blueprint4

Providing safe, high-quality and engaging programming outside of school time is a crucial way we can help kids and teens reach their full potential. Blueprint4 helps provide access to these lifechanging opportunities by listing thousands of camps, and providing scholarships to students to ensure they have access to develop new skills and goals.

Since launching in 2015, Blueprint4 has facilitated…

partnerships with local camp providers

unique searches on the site

unique programming opportunities listed

students able to attend a summer camp free of charge

Breaking down barriers

Our mission is to break down barriers across the community so that kids and teens from any location or background have access to safe, high-quality and engaging out of school programming. In addition to our search site, we also provide resources and engage in meaningful partnerships to support youth, lead professional development for camp providers, and provide scholarships that help youth access programs to spur on their dreams! 


We all have a role to play in fostering the next generation of STL leaders. For 10 years, Blueprint4 has worked to support a #DecadeofDreams in our community. What are your dreams for St. Louis youth?

Share Your Story

What’s your favorite memory of summer camp? We’d like to hear from YOU!

To celebrate our milestone of 10 years, we’re bringing together notable St. Louisans like you to share your reflections on the opportunity of out-of-school time. So, how can you join in?

Grab your smartphone and a buddy to film a brief video (30 seconds- 2 minutes) of you discussing the following questions. You can answer one or all of the questions! Make sure you film horizontally and can be clearly seen and heard.

    1. What are your dreams for the future of St. Louis youth?
    2. Why does it matter to you to have after-school and summer programs for kids and teens in our community?
    3. Tell us about an impactful experience you (or your child) had attending a summer camp. What was the program like, what did you learn, and how did it shape your future? 

Fill out the form and upload your video file to this link  by Monday, April 15th! We’ll share some video clips on social media in the coming months, and prepare a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration video to be released later this summer.

THANK YOU for celebrating

10 years of impact

Want to help us support us for 10 more?