Staff Training and Professional Development

Jan 30, 2023 | Resources

Inclusion and Diversity Training

  • United 4 Children Inclusion Support: United 4 Children’s inclusion specialists offer the following services to assist you as you work to meet the needs of children with special needs.
  • Churchill Center & School Professional Development: Since 1990, countless schools have relied on Churchill to provide their teachers with in-depth learning disability education training. Workshop participants will practice research-based classroom techniques and leave with new strategies for teaching all kinds of learners.
  • NCCJ Inclusion Institute for Educators: The inclusion institute for educators is a full-immersion, retreat style workshop, which allows participants to discuss diversity, inclusion, and equity in education.
  • Diversity Awareness Partnership’s Education and Training: Diversity Awareness Partnership’s education and training programs are delivered through presentations, seminars, community forums and interactive sessions where the focus is understanding and dialogue.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Playlist: Access to BizLibrary’s online resources for diversity and inclusion training is free.
  • Diversity Training from Educational Equity Consultants: Educational Equity Consultants (EEC) specializes in diversity training that identifies and eradicates systems of oppression that damage our workplaces and schools.
  • Crossroads Introduction to Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism Education: The Introduction to ABAR Education workshop is designed for educators working with children and youth in all settings, including early childhood, public and private K-12 schools, religious education, after school programs, and teacher education programs at colleges and universities. Digital engagements offered while in-person programs are suspended due to COVID-19.

Trauma-Informed and Mental Health Training

  • Alive & Well Communities: We offer multiple professional development series designed to build the knowledge base of your workforce. Each series goes deeper on specific topics and helps your team members progress in their understanding of and skills to employ trauma-informed care at work and in life. Behavioral Health Response – Mental Health Trainings: We work closely with schools and communities to provide training that helps teachers, students, leaders, and neighbors strengthen their mental health knowledge and learn how to respond to it.Prevention Consultants: Mental health and prevention trainings.Starting the Conversation – Events: Through our events–which are free, informative, and time efficient–we are showing that mental health issues can arise in children of any age, background, or circumstances, and that a vital tool for addressing these issues is conversation.

STEM Professional Development

  • Challenger Learning Centers – STEM Professional Development: Customized professional development workshops are available to schools and districts looking for specific topics relevant to their curriculum or provide activities that meet district requirements. Workshops can take place at the Challenger Learning Center or at the participating school.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden Professional Development: To support and strengthen teachers, we offer a diversity of courses, workshops and other experiences in the summer and throughout the school year.
  • STEM Teacher Quality – Institute for School Partnership: The program fosters a strong mindset for STEM integration. Teachers learn to STEMitize their curriculum; to see STEM is everywhere, and to see themselves as STEM-capable teachers and their students as STEM-capable learners.
  • St. Louis Science Center Professional Development Center: The Saint Louis Science Center staff can help educators further incorporate inquiry-based methods into their lessons, create project-based lessons, enhance their questioning techniques and more.
  • St. Louis Zoo Professional Development: Programs are available for three to six hours, at the Zoo or at your site. All programs are a mix of hands-on activities and discussion.
  • Magic House Professional Development Workshop: Professional development workshops support The Magic House philosophy of combining hands-on learning and fun! Educators can enjoy the camaraderie of fellow teaching professionals while learning activities that are easily integrated into classroom curricula.
  • Sustainability Institute: The Sustainability Institute for Educators challenges participants to help learners build awareness, recognize responsibility, and take action as global citizens working to build a sustainable world. Held annually in June, the institute is designed for K-12 and informal educators from all roles and environments.

Arts Integration

  • COCA Arts Integration: COCAedu engages teachers in hands-on activities designed to give them the tools needed to develop and implement arts-based strategies in their classrooms.
  • St. Louis Symphonic Orchestra Early Childhood Professional Development: SLSO Early Childhood Professional Development Workshops equip early childhood educators with the knowledge and tools to engage their students in music. SLSO staff provide teachers with engaging lesson ideas and planning tools that emphasize creating and exploring music through the framework of current early childhood curricula.
  • St. Louis Art Museums Educator Workshops: Professional development opportunities for teachers include evening and weekend workshops. Interactive gallery discussions, hands-on activities, immersive studio sessions, and a focus on interdisciplinary connections are designed to help teachers integrate the visual arts across the curriculum.
  • Missouri Alliance for Arts Integration and Professional Development: MAAE is committed to supporting more widespread use of Arts Integration as a strategy to improve student achievement. Helping educators learn best practices for effective implementation which honors the expertise of all teachers involved and addresses both arts and non-arts standards yields great benefits for all.


  • ARCHs Events and Training: ARCHS funded and strategically enhanced human service initiatives improve the lives of children and families in St. Louis’ most resource deprived communities. ARCHS advances a lifelong learning platform to help disrupt on-going cycles of intergenerational poverty and trauma.
  • St. Louis Fed – Teacher Professional Development: Fed staff is available for professional development events at your school or in your district. Whether you are seeking a one hour or a full-day professional development experience, we can provide resources and instruction in personal finance and/or economics. As always, Fed workshops and resources are free of charge.
  • St. Louis LDA Professional Development: St. Louis LDA specialists will come to your school to conduct a two- or three-day workshop for your staff on a variety of different learning strategies and practices.
  • MASN Youtube Channel: The MASN Youtube channel has a variety of videos about after-school programming and other resources.
  • Washington University Brown School Open Classroom Series: ​​To connect with our community across the globe, the Brown School created Open Classroom – a series of free, one-hour webinars on a wide range of social work, public health, and social policy topics. Our library now includes more than 170 programs, with new webinars offered every week.