Why “Camp Friends” Last a Lifetime

Jun 3, 2024 | Camps, Latest News

If your child has gone to summer camp before, you may have heard them enthusiastically tell stories about their “camp friends.” You might even have camp friends yourself if you’ve been to a summer program before! Many of these friendships will transcend childhood and last well into adult years. Why do camp friends stand the test of time? We’ve got a few ideas.

Shared Interests 

Unlike school, camps are usually centered around a particular theme or interest, so kids have an easier time finding friends who like the same things they do! It’s safe to assume that all the kids at a camp like Pianos for People are into music!

Photo Credit: Pianos for People

Inside Jokes and Stories

Summer camp is all about FUN! Of course you want your child to be learning and growing, and the best way to keep young kids engaged is with summer camps that prioritize education through playful activities and games. This leads to a lot of silliness, laughter, and shared moments that often turn into inside jokes or stories. Many kids will only see these friends during summer camp time, and these jokes help them pick right back up where they left off last year! 

Photo Credit: Link STL

Bonding Time

Without the pressures of school and a busy schedule, kids get time to slow down and make deeper connections with their peers. Lots of kiddos also feel like they have a chance to be their true selves and bond with people who have the same interests and shared experiences. Forging these peer relationships helps young people with their communication development and social emotional skillset. Connections with peers give kids a necessary sense of belonging during the summer months— and as they proceed into the new school year. If your child is going to sleepaway camp for the first time, they have the extra benefit of building friendships with other campers who are in the same boat – everyone is away from their home or family and has the opportunity to create new connections and friendships.  

Photo Credit: Camp Ondessonk

No matter what program your child ends up attending this summer, the chances are high they’ll come away from the experience with a set of lasting friends and memories that will last a lifetime!