The Benefits of Summer Camp for Homeschooled Kids

May 1, 2024 | Camps, Latest News

In many ways, the benefits of summer camp for homeschooled children are the same benefits any kid experiences from summer learning and fun. Summer camp gives kids, homeschooled or not, a place to discover new interests, hone a skill, make friendships, and help prevent the “summer slide.” But homeschooled kids especially benefit from some of the socialization and independent learning opportunities that summer camp provides. 

Photo Credit: The Way Center

The beauty of summer camp is that many of these programs promote values that go hand-in-hand with personalized learning. Outside of a traditional school environment, kids can learn and explore in a more intuitive and individualized way. With hundreds of summer camps in the St. Louis area, it’s easy to find a program that fits your child’s particular interests and abilities. Whether they love the thrill of a science experiment, the freedom of dance, or the joy of reading, there is diverse array of programs for your homeschooled kids and teens. 

Photo Credit: Camp Ondessonk

The ability to adapt to a new environment away from home is an important skill that will last kids all throughout their life. Sleep-away or overnight summer camps help kids develop independence away from their parents, and they get the chance to build friendships and relationships with new peers. These types of camps go beyond basic socialization to build a sense of community and camaraderie. 

Summer camp also has benefits for homeschooling parents! Kids have the chance to learn things that parents don’t necessarily have specialized skills or knowledge in, taking some of the pressure off parents to know everything you want your kids to learn. Education is a major focus of many of the programs listed on the Blueprint4 site. Summer camp also offers a way for homeschool parents to get a well-deserved break while the kids stay busy without tons of screen time!