Where to Find Summer Camp Scholarships

Apr 1, 2022 | Scholarships

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Although St. Louis has many free and low-cost options for summer camps, some camps are more expensive than others. These more expensive camps can have more value such as longer durations, residencies, latest high-tech equipment, state-of-the art facilities, and industry experts and educators.

There are some incredibly amazing options available for all age groups such as:

It is the desire of every family to provide the best opportunities for their kids, but sometimes the best opportunities are unaffordable.

Scholarships For Summer Camps

Did you know that there are scholarships available for summer camps? The trick is knowing where to find them. Blueprint4Summer STL can help!

STEP 1: Go to Blueprint4Summer Search Panel

STEP 2: Enter your ideal search terms.

Enter your ideal search terms. It’s better to start off broad, and then eventually narrow down your search. Enter keywords such as painting, robotics, soccer etc. (or leave it blank if you’re not sure)

Choose a category or multiple categories that most interest your child

There are plenty more camps available on Blueprint4Summer if none of these catch your eye, but we recommend consulting with each individual camp to find up-to-date information on their policies and guidelines for their summer 2021 programs. If you are still weary about sending your child to an in-person camp there are also many more virtual options for you to find!

  • Choose your Attribute requirements such as virtual-only, gifted students, disabilities.
  • Make sure to check the box, “$ Scholarships Available.” This will only show the summer programs that have scholarship opportunities. In the search results, this will be indicated by a dollar icon symbol beneath the entry.
  • Check the box or boxes for the times that work best for your schedule

STEP 4: Enter your location requirements, dates and age requirements.

*TIP: Since we are searching for programs that have scholarships available, don’t worry about the budget. You may want to leave the cost restriction blank.

STEP 5: Click Search Sessions to see all the summer camp sessions that match your criteria.

Here are Some Other Fun Programs That Offer Summer Camp Scholarships

CRAYOLA® Artblazers at Community School (Ages 5-11) | St. Louis, MO

Unleash your child’s creativity this summer! Our week-long camps have children discovering the world of art through animals and artists as they create their own unique works of art. Learn More

Operation Smart-Technology Program (Ages 5-16) | St Louis, MO

Girls will become informed digital citizens by learning how to use computer hardware, software, and internet applications. Girls will learn computer programming skills such as coding that can contribute to their interest in the field of technology. Learn More

Drone Explorers (Ages 12-18) | St Louis, MO

Campers will not only learn to pilot drones, they will build their own to keep!  Campers will fly drones in simulation, test multiple drone styles, and learn the soldering and circuitry needed to assemble their own unmanned aerial vehicle. Learn More

Camp Barnabas (Ages 14-99) | Purdy, MO

Have a fun-filled week at Camp Barnabas. Offers Christian camping experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses and with their families. Learn More

Make sure you register early to give your child the best chance of receiving a scholarship. If you wait too long, funds may run out!

We believe that children from all backgrounds deserve to have a great summer experience, regardless of their family’s income. Our goal at Blueprint4Summer STL is to work with camp programs and our generous sponsors to not only provide this search experience to all families, but also provide scholarship funding to a number of wonderful summer camp programs.

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