Get Ready for a Great Summer!

Apr 27, 2022 | Program Spotlight

Get Ready for a Great Summer

Get Ready for the Best 2022 Summer Camps in St. Louis

Can you feel the excitement?  The weather is warming up and the school year is nearing its end. Summertime is on the way! After two long and challenging years, many families are looking forward to times of sunshine, smiles, and fun!

It’s time to get excited about the 2022 summer camp Season!

Blueprint4Summer has once again rounded up the best summer programs and camps across St. Louis for you this year! We know how hard preparing for summer camp can be, and COVID-19 has only made it more complicated. Don’t let it dampen your excitement for all that this summer has to offer your child! Blueprint4Summer is here for you, completely free and available 24/7, to take all your stress out of planning for summer. We’ve made summer camp research and planning quick and easy so that you can focus on the FUN!

Here Are Some Special In-Person Camps You Should Check Out!

There are many activities that we’ve been missing the last couple of years during the pandemic. In-person camps are so special, and difficult to replicate virtually. So, we are grateful for the many in-person camp opportunities this summer in St. Louis such as sports, performing arts, and nature. 

Sports Camps

There are camps for just about every sport you can think of including:

Performing Arts

Show off your dance moves, make people laugh with your jokes, and dazzle your audience with your magic at these performing arts camps:

Explore Nature & The Outdoors

Explore the outdoors and nature by riding horses, or attending camp at the zoo.

How To Prepare for In-Person Camps

1. Keep Your Child Informed

Research the camp thoroughly so that you can give your child as much information as possible. Children do best when they know what to expect. Tell your child about the schedule, and how to contact you if needed.


2. Prepare for Homesickness

Help prepare your child for success with homesickness. Give them opportunities to be away from you at a relative’s house or a friend’s house to prepare, especially if they will be going to a sleepover camp.

3. Pack Activities to Play With Friends

Some camps will have free time. Help your child make friends by packing some activities they can share with other children like coloring books with extra markers, games, or a kid’s digital camera.

4. Don’t Forget The Essentials

Send your child with two of everything just in case and don’t forget to label everything you send with your child. Put your child’s name on their backpack/duffle bag, clothes, water bottles, medicine, and toys. Pack empty ziplock bags or grocery bags just in case your child has an accident or gets dirty and needs to change their clothes.

5. How Are Camps Keeping Your Child Safe?

Attending a 2022 summer camp is a critical tool for children to spark new creative pursuits, prevent summer learning loss, and overcome obstacles through new environments and unique experiences. One of the biggest concerns right now is planning activities that are still safe and enjoyable for your child amidst the remnants of a public health crisis. Blueprint4summer but all our programs have made the necessary adjustments to ensure that your child has an exciting and enriching summer experience while staying safe. Whether it’s through virtual programs or new in-person regulations, there are options for everyone!

Here’s how some of our camp partners are preparing to make your child’s summer camp experience fun and safe:

COCA 2022 Summer Camp

COCA summer camps are centered around providing a safe, comfortable, arts-making process taught by professional artists and teachers for kids ages 3-21. There are hundreds of camps to choose from including circus performance, musical theatre, fashion, ballet, and many more that range from outdoor, indoor, and virtual formats! Camps last all summer long starting June 1st and running through August 20th, and many new protocols have been established to create an accommodating, safe environment for campers.
“The wellbeing of our community continues to guide our decision-making, and our staff and faculty have been hard at work ensuring that our COCA family will be able to connect, learn, and create in a safe and welcoming environment.”
Some of their policies include:

  • Mask requirements for all in-person camps
  • Pre-camp screening questionnaires
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Touch-free pick up and drop off
  • Mandated social distancing procedures
  • Hand washing regime that will be practiced every 60-90 minutes

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J Day Camps

J Day Camps feature activities that kids love such as swimming, sports, gymnastics, and art while giving them the chance to create their own daily activities! J Day Camps pride themselves in being a welcoming and diverse environment where your child can have fun and make new friends with other kids in grades 3-6. This year, J Day Camps are basing its camps on the success of its previous COVID-19 safety guidelines.
“In 2020, J Day Camps utilized ACA, CDC, and other professional guidelines to provide a safe experience where kids were able to play with one another and connect in a way that had been missing for months – all while following COVID-19 safety protocols. As a result, campers grew as individuals as they camped safely with us.”
Some of their policies include:

  • Strict sanitation and disinfection of equipment and surfaces
  • Physical distancing and small groups
  • Pre-packaged snacks only
  • Utilizing water bottle fill stations instead of water fountains

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