How To Keep Summer Camp Magic Alive At Home

May 10, 2019 | Camps

How To Keep Summer Camp Magic Alive At Home

Summer camp season may be ending soon, but you can keep the inspiring experience alive for your child all year long. Learn our tips for recreating summer camp magic at home.

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Is It Back to School Time Already?!

The fun and excitement your kids are having at summer camp will eventually come to a bittersweet end when the school year swings back into motion. But does the fun really have to end there? Keeping young minds active, inspired, and full of imagination can be done by creating a fun summer camp atmosphere in your own home.

Here are some exciting activities for you and your kids to keep the magic of summer camp alive – all year round:

Keep In Touch with Camp Friends

One major impact that summer camp has on your kids are the friendships that they build. It is important for your children to continue these lasting friendships and stay in touch. It will make for an easier back to school transition if your kids have their summer camp buddies helping them through it. Organize hang outs, parties, or even a Facetime chat when your children are missing the thrill of summer camp.

Tip: Get Ahead of the Game​
You can use the Blueprint4Summer STL search app to plan, organize and share your summer camp calendar for next year. Coordinate with other parents so your kids and their friends can experience summer camp together! Sign up now to ensure you get notified when 2020 summer camp listings are posted.

Join Local Organizations

Summer camp season might come to an end, but the fun in your own community does not! Many camps are put on by your local organizations such as libraries, parks, schools, non-profits, places of worship, and more. Summer camp is often just one of many different programs these organizations offer for kids and families throughout the year. Our list of 2019 summer camp programs is a great place to start looking.

Have New Experiences

Summer camps are all about trying new things and creating great memories along the way. Let your kids relive the excitement of camp at home. Create your own “Camp Home” and make lasting memories by having a s’mores night, arts and crafts, tie-dye t-shirts, indoor camp games, and anything else you and your kids can think of. 

Tip: Find DIY Activities on Pinterest​
Pinterest is a great place to look for unique arts & crafts ideas. To get more ideas, use Blueprint4Summer STL to search for summer camps. Find a camp program that interests your kids, read the description together, then try out a camp-inspired activity!

Smell the Roses

Within the upcoming school year, life can get busy and sometimes it is easy to find an excuse not to go outside and enjoy nature. If your kids summer camps were mostly outside, don’t neglect to spend time outside. Your kids may need to bundle up or cool it down, depending on the weather. Whatever the case, they will thank you for it later.

Listen Up

Listen to what your kids are telling you. If your kids tell you that they really enjoyed a certain aspect about their summer camp, bring it to your home. If your kids loved a certain camp fire song, sing it at your own campfire in the backyard. If your kids were raving about the awesome slip n slide with all the bubbles, build or buy your own slip n slide with even more bubbles.

Tip: Dig a Little Deeper​
After searching for a summer camp, you can read comments from other parents or start a discussion and learn what other kids liked about it. Within the search app you can also find links to visit the camp’s website and learn more about the activities they offer. Thoughtful surprises are a great way to make kids feel special, loved, and understood.​

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Summer camp is all about new experiences, building friendships, getting involved, and finding activities to enjoy. Whether you’re using our simple search app to find last-minute activities for your child or scoping out summer camp ideas for next season, our resources are here year-round to help you make the magic of summer camp last longer for your family.  

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