Why It’s a Good Idea to Register Early for Summer Programs

April 30, 2019

They say the early bird catches the worm, but how early is too early to start planning for summer activities? Learn three surprising benefits of registering early for camps and classes, then start planning your summer calendar with Blueprint4Summer – where 2 plan 4 FUN!

Gazing out the window on a wintry February morning, the warm summer sun can feel like a distant dream. It would be easy to put off thinking about children’s summer activities at this time of year. May is still months away. The kids are in school, their schedules are packed, and they have so many milestones to pass before summer arrives.

Parents still have plenty of time to put off signing their kids up for summer activities, camps, and learning programs. But should they?

Before putting off your summer planning any longer, consider these five BIG benefits of registering early for fun, engaging summer activities.

1. Get First Dibs on Your Preferred Summer Programs

Statistics show that summer camp enrollment is up in recent years, which means programs for kids are filling up faster now than ever before. When you start your summer activity search early, a wider range of programs will still be available. You will have more options to choose from and a greater chance that your child will get into to the camps and classes you really want!

This is a particularly important advantage for kids with niche interests or special needs, as those programs may have fewer sessions and fill up faster.

In addition to a wider array of programs to choose from, you will also have more dates and times to choose from. This makes it MUCH easier to work summer activities into your schedule. Should scheduling conflicts come up later, you will still have time to adjust your plans.

Simply put, you have TONS more flexibility if you get started early.

2. Find More Opportunities to Save Money

There are many free and low-cost summer programs for kids, but in some cases summer camp costs are nothing to sneeze at.  Waiting until the last minute to sign up can push those prices even higher. Many programs now incentivize parents to register early by offering early registration discounts or charging late registration fees.

Many summer programs and organizations like Blueprint4Summer provide scholarships and financial assistance to help under-resourced families afford summer programs for their kids. The earlier you apply, the better chance that there will still be resources available.

Whether you’re looking for free summer programs, trying to save on registration fees, or seeking financial assistance for summer camps, you’ll save more money by signing up sooner.

3. Less Stress & More Flexibility

There is no doubt that planning a fun and engaging summer for your child can be stressful. The easiest way to make it that much MORE stressful is to procrastinate. Finding out that what you want isn’t available due to capacity limits can be a frustrating, disappointing experience for you and your child. However, by planning your schedule and registering for summer programs far earlier in advance, you can minimize this stress.

When you do register early for summer activities, you have plenty of time for changes and unexpected conflicts can be altered easy (since you registered early). This will free up loads of time down the road that would’ve been spent making alternative plans, finding camps and classes relevant to your child’s interest, or searching for activities that haven’t been filled up yet.

Start Searching for Summer Programs Now!

Time is of the essence, and there is no moment like the present. NOW is the best time to start planning for summer activities! Even if you’re not ready to make a commitment, you can explore your options and research programs that are right for your child.

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