Your Family’s Guide to Summer Camps in North County St. Louis

Apr 25, 2022 | Program Spotlight

Your Family’s Guide to Summer Camps in North County St. Louis

Kids in North County St. Louis are in for a treat this summer! There’s a wide variety of summer camps and activities for kids of all ages, interests, and skill levels in and around the North County area. Kids can try to probe Mars and build robotics in Dellwood, enter the wizarding world of Harry in Florissant, travel the world through art in Hazelwood, and so much more! Explore our guide to North County Summer Camps in 2021 below, then use Blueprint4Summer to plan the best summer ever!

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Free Summer Camps in North County

‘Free’ is everyone’s favorite word, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how much money you have. St. Louis is a great place to live if you’re looking for free kids’ activities in the summertime. The options available in North County this summer range from kindergarten to college-bound and cover a variety of interests and topics. From building LEGO robotics to playing spies and secret agents, there’s something for everyone! Finances should never be a barrier to fantastic opportunities so let us help you plan for a summer of fun!

See Free Summer Camps Around North County St. Louis

Sports Camps in North County

If your kid’s favorite subject is P.E. or recess, a summer sports camp might be the perfect fit! It’s no surprise that sports camps are some of the most popular types of summer camps in North St. Louis County. For younger kids, sports camp is a fun way to stay active, build skills, and make new friends. At higher levels, sports camp builds teamwork, offers structure and focus, and helps student-athletes sharpen their competitive edge.

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Music Camps in North County

Music gives soul to the world. It sets the tone in movies and creates a vibe at parties and events. Imagine what music camp can do for your child’s mind, body, and spirit. According to studies from Boston Children’s Hospital, there is a link between musical training and improved function in both children and adults. From new beginners to superstars-in-the-making, every child who wants to learn music has an opportunity waiting for them at St. Louis summer camps focused on music.

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Overnight Camps in North County

Sleepaway summer camp is the basis for many hit movies and TV shows. Daddy Day Camp, Bug Juice, The Parent Trap, Troop Beverly Hills, and Bunk’d have given us all dreams of overnight camp fun and friendships. Your child will learn more than campfire songs and s’mores recipes at residential camps and programs. They’ll gain independence, self-confidence, and all kinds of useful and interesting skills. Those overnight summer camp dreams can be a reality for your child this summer!

These sleepover camps are just a hop skip and a jump away from North County St Louis.

There are some great residential academic programs for high schoolers as well!

Camps With Before and After Care in North County

As family schedules get increasingly packed, getting kids back and forth from summer camp safely and on time can become a challenge. Many St. Louis summer camps understand this and provide before and aftercare to make things easier on the campers and their caregivers. If you’re a working parent or guardian, have a busy schedule, or care for multiple kids, these extended care services can be a life-saver.

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Camps with Scholarships in North County

Summer camp is for every child, and finances should not stand in the way of their learning opportunities. Finding summer camps in St Louis that offer scholarships is easy with Blueprint4Summer

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Camps for Preschoolers in North County

It’s easier than you think to find fun and engaging camps for preschoolers in North St. Louis. There are many free summer programs being offered for kids ages 3-5 each summer as well as low-cost summer programs under $100 being offered in North County this upcoming summer. These camps include topics like dancing, art, nature, and many more!

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Camps for Elementary Schoolers in North County

There are also plenty of summer camps and programs for kids ages 6-9 in North County this summer. With free summer programs and low-cost programs under $100, there are plenty of affordable options for your elementary schoolers to attend! This age range is especially important to be actively engaging in activities during the summer to prevent learning the materials covered during the school year. Summer camps and programs don’t have to break the bank to do just that in an exciting way!

See Free Camps for Elementary Schoolers Around North County St. Louis

Camps for Middle Schoolers in North County

Middle School can be a difficult time to navigate. Kids are growing up and preparing for higher education, and summer programs can be an extremely enriching experience for them. Each summer there are many free summer programs and low cost programs under $100 being offered to kids ages 10-13 in North County. There’s plenty of programs to choose from to fit your child’s niche interests while keeping them engaged and learning so that they are prepared to continue their educational journey with a number of skills under their belts.

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Camps for Teenagers in North County

Last but not least, there are a number of great, affordable camps for high schoolers to attend in North County this upcoming summer. There are free summer programs and low cost programs under $100 for kids ages 14-18! Whether it’s through team-building, athletics, or STEM there’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity awaiting your teen this summer to help them grow into a fully rounded individual prepared to take their next steps in life.

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Summer College Prep Programs

One of the next steps they may choose to take is college, and Blueprint4 College Prep is here to help them with that process as well! Blueprint4 College Prep is designed for you to easily be able to find pre-college and college level programs across the nation in a few simple clicks. Like Blueprint4 Summer, you can filter based on interest or needs so that you find the perfect program for your desired area of focus. Start searching for your next college prep opportunity with Blueprint4 College Prep.

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Blueprint4Summer makes finding summer camps in St Louis easy! Follow any of the links above to explore the most popular topics, or start a fresh search. Camp sessions fill up fast – start planning now and secure your child’s spot at the camp of their dreams.

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