How to Find the Best STEM Summer Camps of 2022

Apr 27, 2022 | Camps, How to Choose a Camp

Best STEM Summer Camps

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning experiences are available for children in preschool through high school. Let’s look at how to find the best STEM camp for your child based on age and interests.

The benefits of introducing and developing an interest in STEM from an early age are endless.  Research shows that children as young as two years old start naturally exploring STEM interests through building blocks and water tables. Building on their natural curiosity can boost self-confidence and STEM camps offer an exciting way to make new friends with similar interests. A child at any age can be inspired by a new experience that opens doors they never even imagined were available. As your camper grows, the added extracurriculars afforded through STEM camps will be sure to turn heads on college applications.

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Elementary-aged campers have hundreds of options for half or full-day camps. Your little camper can become a secret agent learning to decode messages, explore with night vision goggles, and create edible messages.

Check out these Secret Agent Camps

Does your child love both art and science or getting their hands messy with fun experiments? St. Louis offers several camps for your child to learn more about how science and art work together or how to create sticky slime and gooey Oobleck.

Check out a list of camps that experiment with art and science, including making slime, playdough, or squishy goo.

From their first doctor play set to preparing for the ACTs, some kids have always known that they want to help people stay healthy. This summer is a great opportunity for high school students to explore healthcare careers including athletic trainers, health information specialists, medical imaging specialists, medical laboratory scientists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, radiation therapists, registered dietitians, and speech-language pathologists and many other health care professions.

Lions, tigers, and bears oh my! Whether your child is interested in half-day or full-day animal adventures, there are camps all summer for all ages and interests including Camp Joey, Marine Biology, Carnivore Camp, and Teen Camp, which even provides an opportunity for an overnight stay at the St Louis Zoo. Check out a complete list of  STEM camps focused on animals.


If you’re bummed that we don’t have flying cars like the Jetsons, then maybe a personal Rosie is in the cards. There are robotics camps for every skill level and age.  You’re just one click away from finding the perfect robotics camp.

Learn to code! Getting an early start with computers can help develop critical thinking skills and succeed in school. St Louis offers coding camps starting as early as 4 years old. You are never too young or too old to brush up on your coding skills. There are coding camps for everyone. 

The amount of time that kids spend on video games is increasing every year. This summer you can combine your desire for education with your child’s desire to game at a camp focused on valuable life skills through on-screen and off-screen activities. Check out St Louis’s video game camps.

Engineering & Mathematics

Houston, we do not have a problem finding space camps around St. Louis. NASA might be hundreds of miles away, but we have multiple options for all ages that are interested in exploring our universe, simulating missions to the Moon or Mars, and finding out how science can save our planet. Blast off to space camp to learn about the universe and aliens or get creative by exploring rockets and flight at rocket camps.

Instilling a positive attitude towards math at a young age can promote a lifelong love of math.  STEAM with Sphero Mini Robotics, FUNdamentals, and Mathmagic are just a few of the number-centered camps that you can find in our list of math camps.

STEM Summer Camps for All Ages

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity to stretch your boundaries or nurture an existing passion. Here is a more complete list of STEM camps for all ages.

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-9

Ages 10-13

Ages 14-18

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