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Mar 12, 2021 | Latest News

Blueprint4Summer St. Louis Is Your 24/7 Virtual Camp Fair

Blueprint4Summer St. Louis is thrilled to bring the summer camp fair to YOU for 2021! We invite you to use our app to explore this year’s camp programs and providers. Get important camp details and contact information, then use the app to search for specific sessions and plan your summer camp schedule. It’s all free and designed to make life a little easier for St. Louis area families. 

Bringing the Summer Camp Fair to Your Family

We know how hard it is to wrap your head around all the amazing opportunities available for your children this summer. It’s been especially challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the usual in-person camp fair events many families have relied on in the past aren’t happening. Some events have gone virtual, but it can still be tough to get logged on to the right place at the right time, let alone pay close attention while life continues on around you.

It’s a lot to ask of you right now. So for a convenient change of pace, we’re working on your schedule. Since a family’s job never rests, that means making info and resources available to you 24/7. Consider  Blueprint4Summer STL as your personal summer camp fair! Our website and app are designed to inform, excite, and assist local families in making decisions about their child’s summer.  Here’s what our 24/7 Virtual Camp Fair has to offer.

2021 Summer Camp Program Directory

The Blueprint4Summer St. Louis app lists hundreds of summer camp programs available for the 2021 season. To see the full list, just go to the search page and click on “View All Programs”. This will give you a birds-eye-view of who’s hosting St. Louis summer camps this year.

The listings include both in-person summer camps and virtual summer camp programs. The list is organized alphabetically so it is easy to find a specific program by name. Important information like program name and logo, provider name and address, price range, age range, program categories, and number of sessions available is all visible right there in the listings. 

Camp Program Contact & Details

Once you click on a camp program’s listing, you will find even more information on its Program Details page. On this page you will find a full description of the program and a map showing its location. You will also find contact information here so you can reach out to the program admins early and get answers to your questions. All listings include a phone number and links to visit the camp’s website and social media pages.

It is important to contact camp providers directly to check or verify specific details and ensure all your needs are met. 

If you create a free account in the Blueprint4Summer STL app, you can also mark your favorite programs and come back to them later. Perfect for life’s little interruptions!

Camp Session Listings

Below the camp program details there is a list of all the scheduled sessions for that program. Camps often have multiple sessions to cover different schedules, locations, topics, and special needs. Once you’ve found a program you like, find a session and follow the link to find even more info about that specific session. Click the “Visit Website” link to go to the camp’s website and get your child signed up. Don’t wait until it’s too late to sign up – all the coolest camps fill up fast! 

Users with a free Blueprint4Summer app account can mark sessions as favorites or click Add to Blueprint to plan their calendar. Families with multiple kids and busy summer schedules LOVE this handy tool for staying organized. 

Submit Your Summer Camp

If you are a summer camp provider who would like to be listed with Blueprint4Summer this year, please get in touch with us. In 2019 more than 100,000 searches were done using the Blueprint4Summer St. Louis search app. Numbers were lower in 2020 due to the uncertainty of summer during the pandemic, but we are looking forward to a strong summer season again in 2021. We’re just getting started and there are already more than 140 programs listed and more than 4,000 sessions ready to explore in the app (as of March 12th, 2021). Blueprint4Summer’s 24/7 virtual camp fair is a great opportunity to put your program on the radar!

The Virtual Camp Fair will be online 24/7 throughout the entire 2021 summer camp season. We are here for you!

Join Blueprint4Summer at the Bi-State Virtual Camp Fairs

Our 24/7 Virtual Camp Fair isn’t the only place to find information about the best summer camps in St. Louis. Blueprint4Summer is also participating in two Bi-State Virtual Camp Fair events this spring. Click here to learn more and register for these events. We hope to see you there!

  • Bi-State Virtual Camp Fair – Saturday, March 27th, 2021 @ 10AM-2PM
  • Bi-State Virtual Camp Fair – Saturday, April 10th, 2021 @ 10AM-2PM

You can also catch the print edition of our annual Summer Camp Guides in the St. Louis American newspaper on March 4th, 2021 or in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sunday, March 21, 2021.