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iHeartRadio: iHeart Jade w/ Finding and Laying Out A Blueprint4Summer

Jade Harrell with Allie Cicotte, Project Manager for Blueprint4SummerSTL Blueprint4SummerSTL was designed to be an easy-to-use mobile app that connects ALL St. Louis-area kids to summer learning opportunities. Blueprint4SummerSTL was built with the generous support and partnership of community leaders and organizations who want to help St. Louis-area kids succeed.

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KSDK: Finding the Perfect Camp for your Kids

Tucked off a side street in Ferguson, Missouri is an educational opportunity that is out of this world. “Mission control this is MTV,”  a 5th grade student says into her headset. The Challenger Learning Center has allowed kids to sort step into the boots of astronauts since 2003. “My job

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Ladue News: Learn about Blueprint4SummerSTL’s App for College Prep

The St. Louis-based app Blueprint4SummerSTL has proven so popular it recently birthed a subsidiary piece of smartphone tech. The easy-to-use, free “parent” app rolled out in 2015 as part of the Clark-Fox Family Foundation’s efforts to make a difference in the economic development of the St. Louis region through programming

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