Tips for Choosing a Sports Camp for Your Child This Summer

Summer sports camps come in all different forms. With factors to think about like your child’s age, the intensity of the action, and the types of skills being developed, the task of picking the perfect sports camp can be intimidating. But spring is on its way, which means summer will be here before we know it. Now is the time to begin researching summer sports camps in St. Louis and learning about their sign up processes. It’s hard to be late when you’re at the front of the line!

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Tips for Choosing the Best Sports Camp for Your Child This Summer

1. Ask Your Child

First, start off asking questions like, “what does my child want to do for the upcoming summer break?” There is a good chance your child may already have a camp in mind that they would like to go to. This is a surprisingly simple way to narrow down the options and help steer your search.

2. Talk to Their Teachers

Other than you and your family, who else knows your child’s development needs better than their teachers? Sports coaches and classroom teachers past, present and future, as well as guidance counselors and childcare-givers may all have excellent ideas about what will help your child thrive and reach their full potential. Don’t be shy, raise your hand and ask!

3. Start Your Search

Use Blueprint4Summer’s summer camp search tool to find the best camps for the sport your child plays or wants to learn. It’s free and easy, not cluttered with ads, and hands-down the best place online to search for summer opportunities in St. Louis. 

You can search by category, age group, price and more. Enter keywords for specific sports, themes, and activities. You’ll get a complete view of what’s available for your child. Save your faves for a closer look, or click through to the camps’ websites and get signed up right away. 

For older children with a bright future in athletics, oftentimes colleges will offer summer programs within their athletic department. There are typically a variety of options geared towards varsity high school athletes in particular. Try searching Blueprint4Summer STL using the college’s name as your keyword. This is also a good time to check out Blueprint4Summer College Prep for pre-college sports camps and even more amazing programs for college-bound athletes.

4. Get Creative

Camps for big-league and school-based team sports like basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and soccer should be easy to find. These are what first come to mind when many people think of sports camps. “Sports” is a very broad category, though, and there are many more types of camps to explore. Did you know you can send you child to rock climbing camp in the St. Louis area? How about cross-country running camp or cirque acrobatics? Here is a list of more unique sports camps you can find in St. Louis with Blueprint4Summer.

5. Ask Around

Referrals are always helpful, especially when it comes from someone close to you. A recommendation could come from another parent who already sent their child to that same camp. Additionally, they can give summer camp suggestions based on what they know about your child; one that will best suit their personality.

6. Read Reviews

Reviews are essential when finding the right sports camp. Check the camp’s website, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other sites. Compare the reviews, both the good and the bad, and consider the options with the most promising reviews.

7. Research the Camp

After you come up with a couple of good sports camp options, scope out their website or contact the camp’s staff to get more information. On Blueprint4Summer STL, you can click the View Website button and it will take right to the camp’s site.

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Once you’re there, there will be  lot to explore. It may help to go in with a written list of your needs and questions you have about the camps so nothing gets overlooked in all the excitement. Here are a few things that many summer camp super-parents say you should look at when reviewing sports camps for your child.

  1. Facilities
  2. Camper-to-Coach Ratio
  3. Food

You want to ensure your child will be playing in a safe environment, receiving the right amount of attention and coach instruction, while also being well nourished and accommodated for any possible food allergies or dietary needs.

Go Find Summer Sports Camps in St. Louis

Sports camps are great for kids of all ages, allowing them to build their athletic skills while having a fun time. It is especially important that you enroll your child in a sports camp that you feel comfortable sending them to. For more information on sports summer camps in St. Louis, head over to our search app and get started!

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