How to Find Free Summer Camps in St. Louis for 2020

Every summer, parents across the St. Louis area scramble to find fun, safe, and affordable childcare. No matter what part of town you call home, there are many local options for supervised summertime fun. One popular summer child care option that shouldn’t be overlooked is free summer camps in St. Louis. 

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How to Use Blueprint4Summer to Find Free Summer Camps in St. Louis

This city has a TON of free summer programs for children of all ages. Free camps are easy to find with Blueprint4Summer STL! Just click the link below to see our full list of free summer programs in St. Louis:

Start Your Search —  Free Summer Camps

You will see that the range of options for free summer camps in St. Louis in 2020 is astounding. Let’s take a closer look at four popular camp categories that have been a big hit with campers in recent years.
Free camp sessions fill up fast. Use the convenient search links below to find camps quickly and start planning your summer today! 

Free Day Camps in St. Louis

Quick Search:  Free Day Camps in St. Louis 2020

How do families make it through the summer without day camp? We have a harder time imagining it every year. Maybe it’s because there are so many incredible day camp options across the St. Louis area, including dozens of free day camps! Day camp is great because it lets kids explore new topics in small doses with the security of coming home at the end of the day. It also offers an excellent summertime child care solution for busy parents. 

Free St. Louis STEM Camps (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Quick Search:  Free STEM Camps in St. Louis 2020

The benefits of introducing and developing an interest in STEM from an early age are endless. Research shows that children as young as two years old start naturally exploring STEM interests with building blocks and water tables. Developing their natural interests can boost self-confidence. A child at any age can be inspired by a new experience that opens doors they never even imagined were available. STEM camps offer an exciting way to make new friends with similar interests. As your camper grows, the added extracurriculars afforded through STEM camps will be sure to turn heads on college applications.

Free St. Louis Arts Camps

Quick Search:  Free St. Louis Arts Camps 2020

Arts camps are a place where kids can flex their creativity, learn new and healthy ways to express themselves, and build self-confidence. Art allows kids to get their feelings out and stretch the boundary of their imaginations. With all the free arts camps available in St. Louis this summer, all kids can have a chance to have this important experience and build those fundamental skills.

Free St. Louis Summer Camps for Special Needs

Quick Search:  Free Needs-Inclusive Summer Camps in St. Louis 2020

The benefits of camp for kids who are differently-abled are the same as any kid. Parents might feel an added pressure to find a camp that will provide a safe environment as well as ensuring that their child receives adequate attention. It’s our desire to help parents find options where their child can fully participate in the camp’s activities. Inclusionary camps are the perfect place for a child to start gaining the confidence that comes with independence. Money shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Bonus Tip: Finding Summer Camp Scholarships

Quick Search: St. Louis Summer Camps with Scholarships Available

There are plenty of organizations that give away scholarships for students of low-income families to attend any summer camp of their choice. For example, the American Camp Association takes donations in order to fund their scholarships to give to low-income families so that they can have the ability to send them to any camp. In order to learn more about how to apply for a scholarship, learn about the Great Fundraising through ACA’s Individual Camp Scholarship Program by accessing the recording of this webinar.