ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – What are your kids doing this summer? Maxine Clark of the Clark-Fox Family Foundation and founder of Build-A-Bear says not only helps parents find great opportunities, but it helps the camps as well.

“We’ve tried to help camps look where there are so many people that are inquiring and give them that feedback so they can relocate their camps from last year to this year to places where there was a parent who put in their zip code but there was no camp within ten miles,” she says.

Clark expects as they head into spring the website and searchable database will have up to seventy-five hundred different summer opportunities that run the gamut.

“Academic camps or cooking camps or dance and music and nature and sports, one that’s brand new this year that we just signed up is Kids Who Kare, which gives introductions to nonprofit organizations and global causes,” she says.

Clark adds that fifty-seven percent of the camps so far offer scholarships, and sixty-two percent offer before-and-after care, which is important for working parents. They also offer camps for children who may have special needs.

“Almost one-third of the camps so far are for special needs students. That was something that was brought to our attention in the first year really early on,” she says.

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