Explore, Engage, Immerse is all about experiential learning for kids and supporting persistence into STEM careers. Experiential learning allows kids to immerse themselves meaningfully in what they are interested in and provides them with knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will help them succeed and persist into STEM careers. 

Exploration-level programs involve exposing kids to a variety of content in short bursts, through activities or events like coding workshops, guided hikes, makers’ events, and career fairs. 

Engagement-level programs take these activities one step further and allow kids to learn through practical experience like a week-long camp, job shadowing, or competitions. 

Finally, Immersion-level programs fully integrate kids in a subject or field, providing a deep dive and content mastery in a particular STEM content area.


Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri uses experiential learning to engage girls and teach them valuable life skills throughout the explore-engage-immerse continuum. From exploring a variety of STEM fields through badge programs to immersion in long-term STEM learning as part of Girl Scouts robotics teams, participation in programs like the Girl Scouts supports students in exploring a wide variety of STEM content, building their skills in particular STEM fields, and persisting in their STEM learning into STEM careers.

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