Lots of people think of doctors and surgeons when they think of careers in medicine; these are great paths to take in medical science, and there are a wide variety of jobs within the medical field. Careers in health science could include pharmacy, physical therapy, healthcare work, or any of the many specialties that help people get and stay healthy.

A job in medicine can take you many places. You could work in a lab creating new vaccines for the population, or you could study diseases and find cures to help thousands of affected people. You could also work directly with patients as a nurse, dentist, or physician and help heal individuals face-to-face. If you are a hardworking and focused person with a desire to help others and a love for science, you can go far in the world of health and wellness.


Little Medical School

Little Medical School is working to give children a strong foundation in STEM education to set them up for success when pursuing a career in medicine. They expose children ages 4 to 14 to the exciting world of health and medicine through after school programs, summer camps, field trips, weekend classes and more. Their goal is to educate kids on the field of medicine in a fun and engaging way in hopes of giving them the tools they need and inspiring them to continue seeking health education later on in life.

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