Mathematics is an integral part of many STEM fields. Whether it is in the natural sciences, engineering, or medicine, mathematical principles and concepts exist all around us. If you love finding patterns and solving complex problems, and have a logical mindset, the world of mathematics is for you to discover!

A love of math can lead you to computer programming, medical science, software development, or data analysis. There are many branches of mathematics to learn about, such as algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, and more. In mathematics, there are endless opportunities to build upon and expand your knowledge.


Project MEGSSS

At Project MEGSSS, their passion lies in mathematics. They offer programs for motivated kids ages 10-14 who are fascinated by and want to explore the vast world of math. Their Elements of Mathematics program is for students ages 11-13 who excel in math at school and want to challenge their abilities outside of their traditional classroom, either in the summer program or the once per week after-school class. Their other program, MathJam, is offered to talented, highly motivated math kids ages 10-12 to expand their knowledge.


Mathnasium understands that math can be a difficult subject for kids to understand and excel in, and they work with kids in grades 1-12 to overcome their frustrations with math and grow their understanding. With trained math instructors and an individualized approach, kids will gain confidence in their abilities and see real, measurable change in their school progress.

The St. Louis Chess Club

The St. Louis Chess Club offers school programs, lessons, tournaments, and other opportunities for kids to improve their scholastic chess abilities. Their goal is to challenge kids through the fun of chess to succeed in the classroom and in their community. The Scholastic Chess Program places emphasis on critical thinking, planning, and logic to help expand their cognitive development. They offer instruction for kids of all ages, from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

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