Robotics is all about designing and constructing intelligent machines that can make life easier and more efficient for us. The field of robotics combines science, engineering, and technology to create the coolest, most advanced machines possible.

Robotics is a great field for budding inventors. If you are constantly brainstorming new and interesting ideas and tinkering with engineering and technology, the field of robotics could use an innovative mind like yours! Robots are far from just science fiction and are used to help anyone from doctors in hospitals to astronauts in the International Space Station. The world of robotics is fairly new and exciting advancements are being made every day in this field.


St. Louis Student Robotics Association

The St. Louis Student Robotics Association is working to make the city a center for student robotics, including robotics competitions, community events, and professional training to expand STEM learning opportunities. SLSRA promotes and serves robotics programs around the St. Louis area, especially in underserved communities, in hopes of creating equitable access to robotics.


Makers programs and makerspaces give students the opportunity to develop their STEM skills in a hands-on way, through designing, building, and crafting. LitShop focuses on after-school and summer programs for girls ages 10-14 to gain confidence and literacy skills through building and making. LitShop shows young girls that they are welcome in the world of woodworking, architecture, carpentry, and more. Girls are literally given the tools to develop an innovative and DIY mindset and show them they are capable of creating anything they put their minds to! LitShop is a safe space for girls to create and explore these fields freely while uplifting and supporting each other.

The Magic House @ MADE

The Magic House @ MADE is a kids makerspace where they can build, create, and explore the world of STEAM. They offer programs like Toddler Tinker Time, field trips, and private lessons for kids of all ages and skill levels to build their knowledge in anything from LEGO robotics to 3D printing to animation. Kids will have the opportunity to engage in real-world, hands-on STEAM learning, and will be given the tools and materials to build their skills in whatever they find interesting in the field.

Disclaimer: The organization(s) listed under each STEM area are examples of programming offered throughout the region.  Please consult the Blueprint4STEM Powered by STEMSTL listing of programs or organizations’ websites for an up-to-date listing of programs.

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