The field of engineering is divided into many specialty areas, but the core principles of engineering remain the same: finding practical uses for scientific discoveries. Engineers are instrumental in taking new theories and innovations and bringing them into our everyday world.

A career in engineering can take you so many different places. Whether you are interested in the environment, the medical field, big city construction, or even outer space, engineering can take you to any of those and more. The world is constantly in need of creative and innovative minds to take our society to new heights and expand our physical world.


Black Girls Do STEM

Black Girls Do STEM is an organization on a mission to increase access to STEM education and opportunities for black girls in the community in hopes of creating greater representation in the STEM field. They offer day programs for middle-school-aged Black girls that address many different STEM industries, including engineering design. These workshops allow students to tackle experiments and problems hands-on using scientific methods, and will leave students feeling like real-world scientists.

Girls Inc. of St. Louis

Girls Inc. is a large network of local organizations, including Girls Inc.of St. Louis, that works with girls ages 6-18 to empower them and help them realize their full potential. Girls Inc. places an emphasis on academic support in science and math to encourage girls to pursue STEM education. The organization offers activities that expand upon what girls are learning in school and provides them with engagement and support in science and math outside the classroom. They focus on hands-on and minds-on activities that are age-appropriate to ensure an enriching and unique experience for all girls.

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