About Us

Our Mission

It’s more than what happens in the classroom that adds up to a student receiving a great education. Fun and diverse learning opportunities ensure that youth and young adults will develop their own creative pursuits, expand their education, and prepare for career success. Our Blueprint platform was designed to be an easy-to-use mobile tool that connects ALL young people to a wide array of learning opportunities. It was built with the generous support and partnership of community leaders and organizations who want to help youth succeed.

We take our mission very seriously and have kept our promise by keeping our Blueprint family of platforms:


Our app is free to use and we operate as an investor-supported non-profit to provide you with access to the best camps, programs, scholarships, and resources at no expense


We want to take the hassle out of planning so we created a simple tool to save families time and filter by interests and needs to find the best program for their child all in one convenient location


A child’s zip code or financial status should not limit their access to educational opportunities or fun activities. Which is why we focus our efforts in providing access to financial opportunities and affordable programs for your children no matter your situation.

None of this would be possible without the foundation of an active and growing community. Without it, we would not be able to provide so many fantastic opportunities and engaging programs for everyone. We’re built on a strong community and want to focus our efforts on providing opportunities for it to further flourish. Learn about our licensing opportunities.