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It is more than what happens in the classroom that contributes to a well-rounded education. As ReSchool Colorado has partnered with families over the years, we have witnessed growing gaps in opportunity between learners who have access to a variety of enrichment experiences that keep them engaged in learning during the summer months and their peers who do not get the opportunity to engage in organized summer learning_._ Fun and diverse summertime opportunities ensure that kids will develop their own creative pursuits, expand their sense of self in the world around them, and build meaningful relationships. Each summer we allow some students to remain isolated from learning, opportunity and achievement gaps widen. We seek to interrupt this inequity for all learners in Colorado.

Blueprint4SummerCO is designed to be an easy to use mobile friendly website that expands access to summer learning and fun to ALL learners. We are eager to work with a spectrum of summer learning providers in the area to expand learning opportunities, especially to learners who have been historically absent from enriching summer activities. Blueprint4SummerCO was built with the generous support and partnership of community leaders and organizations who want to help Colorado kids succeed.