What does “RYEC Endorsed” Mean?

The Regional Youth Employment Coalition (RYEC) is committed to connecting young people to high-quality credentialing programs. To that end, our coalition has identified key criteria that we believe indicate training programs that are high-quality and most likely to offer students supported paths to obtaining industry recognized credentials in high-demand industries that pay living wages. Through our research, we have identified programs that meet these criteria. These programs receive the RYEC Stamp of Approval.

  • Program completion rate of 60% or greater. A program completion rate of 60% or greater signals to RYEC that the program has supports in place to help students complete the program. Students entering these programs are likely to be successful in obtaining industry recognized credentials.
  • Job placement rate of 70% or greater. We want to know that students will be successful in launching careers in their chosen fields after completing training. A job placement rate of 70% or greater indicates that the program is recognized by employers as an institution that produces skilled employees who are ready for the challenges of the workplace.
  • Affordable or provides financial aid. RYEC recognizes the burden that student debt can place on young people and the role it plays in preventing wealth building. Programs that receive the stamp of approval are programs with low tuition or funding through programs such as WIOA or HPOG, so students can train for a high-growth career without taking on debt.

Where can I view RYEC Endorsed Programs on Blueprint4Careers?

When searching for programs on Blueprint4Careers, keep an eye out for this RYEC Endorsed banner under session names:  This identifies programs which meet the criteria listed above. Click the button below to get started searching for a training program today!